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    Default Block reference turns into xref

    My title block is a block with attributes that I have on a tool palette. I have been using this block successfully for many years. Recently, my computer needed its OS reinstalled so I'm starting my CAD installation over from scratch. I reloaded my custom cui, tools, workspaces, profiles, toolpalettes, etc. Now, when I insert my title block from the toolpalette, everything appears normal until I need to edit the attributes. The usual double click brings up refedit instead of eattedit even though the double click action in the cui for attribute blocks is edit attributes. I am able to edit the attributes by typing the eattedit command but the attribute tags appear ghosted behind whatever text I type. I have never experienced this behavior before and am at a loss as to how to fix it.

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    Default Re: Block reference turns into xref

    It might be that your CUI file got screwed with the re-install. Open the CUI command and check that the following exists:

    Also ensure that the macro for the Edit Attribute ... "Command" reads:
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