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Thread: Wall Cleanup Issues... Again.

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    Default Wall Cleanup Issues... Again.

    I am trying to create a precast wall system with panels in between piers. The issue arises when I try to make everyting look continuous (the piers will appear to be enlarged concrete bump-outs). I have everything showing properly in Medium Detail and Low Detail, however, when I turn to the reflected display, I end up with the yellow triangles (see attached 2012 files). I have already tweaked the connections using the cleanups and now I am having to do the same thing in the reflected display. I have taken them as far as they will go, yet I still have the triangles. Any suggestions (maybe I should just use plan modifiers instead; we stopped after moving the plans so much)? Thanks.
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    Default Re: Wall Cleanup Issues... Again.

    Looks like cleanup issues although why it happens only on the reflected I am not sure.
    I wouldn't do it the way you have done because, even though your wall, on the inside is one continuous wall, you are going to get lines in aecelevation (inside section in this case) and of course the whole length of wall broken into small sections which makes management a little harder.
    I would try a separate wall style with just the conc material used to draw the piers and then you can wall-merge (right click cleanup option) to blend it into the main wall.
    I needed to place the oier past the skin to against the conc to blend in with the conc.
    Other option is to draw a rectangle, extrude to MassElement (right click) and attach as a body modifier, attaching it to the conc componant of the wall style.
    This method wouldn't cut the skin?

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