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Thread: The Everstrange Reluctantly Widening Door

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    Default The Everstrange Reluctantly Widening Door

    I have a strange problem here. My door family has “constraints not satisfied” if you try to set it to a width 10 inches larger than its current parameter value. However, if you inch your way up to the size, it works just fine (example: if the door starts at 36”, and you want 46”, you can’t set it to 46” but have to set it at 40”, 44”, and then 46” or it will fail). The issue persists in both directions and defies my understanding of both REVIT and programming. Has anyone encountered this before? What is going on here?

    My thanks to anyone who would be able to shine a light on this matter. I've attached the trouble file below, a REVIT family file made in version 2013.
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    Update: Managed to fix this problem by redrafting all the symbolic lines. The door now resizes normally, but I still don't understand what caused the issue initially. I've gone the route of aligning parameter-driven symbolic lines to reference planes. I think, but can not verify, that this makes the model more stable.

    Anyone is welcome to post if they have a better solution and even more so if they have an explanation for REVIT's odd behavior.

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    AFAICT it's due to the order in which RVT is adjusting the door to the new size. It might be that it's shifting one line first, but in this case it's shifting it beyond another - making one of your parameters negative. Thus it works when your shift is less than that parameter, but fails if the shift is more.

    I always use planes in preference to any other form of placing parameters. It always makes the family just work better. It's as if Revit calculates planes much easier than linework / shapes - then aligning the linework/shapes to the planes disambiguates much of the stuff which could go wrong with line/shape parameters.
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