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Thread: Help! Tower Bracing Issue

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    Default Help! Tower Bracing Issue

    I am attempting to create a fully flexible support tower module. So far it flexs well in length, width, and height. I have several dimensional instance parameters set up to handle plate sizing and workpoints. I also have several visibility parameters to allow for multiple column sizes and horizontal bracing types. I was unable to make structural members work for the horizontal bracing as the length did not want to flex, so I used extrusions. My problem is the diagonal bracing for each bay. I have tried structural members (length won't flex), extrusions (can't seem to snap the ends to any item that will flex them with the tower), and now I have sweeps in place. The sweeps appear to work very well when viewed from a parallel elevation, but when I look at them in plan they do not flex with the tower in that direction. When I try to constrain the sweeps to a ref. plane it gives me errors. I was hoping that someone could shed some light on my problem. I have attached the file and attemped to remove all extraneous parameters, but I might have missed a couple.

    Thank you.
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    Default Re: Help! Tower Bracing Issue


    The bracing seems to be not associated with a work plane.
    This can be the reason why the brace is floating.


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