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Thread: Incorrect scale in STL file

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    Default Incorrect scale in STL file

    A binary STL file was generated using the STL plug-in from AutoDesk for Revit Architecture 2013. The measurements within the resulting STL file do not match the size of the component modeled in Revit. There is no mention of setting the scale within the online help text provided with the STL plug-in that I could find. The component in the Revit file measures 17.875 inches in the longest axis but the component within the STL file measures only 1.490 inches in the long axis. The scale in Revit 2013 is set at 12"=1' as the component was modeled and the STL was generated. This behavior looks like a bug. The measurements in the STL file must match what was created in Revit 2013 so that the component printed by the 3D Printer is created at the modeled size, not 12x smaller. What scale setting must be specified to ensure that the resulting STL includes measurements that exactly match those modeled within the Revit file?

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    Default Re: Incorrect scale in STL file

    Well, I received additional information from Autodesk. It seems that regardless of your scale setting within Revit Architecture, the STL plug-in only outputs in units of a foot. In my case, an object modeled at 17.875 inches is being generated in the STL as 1.490 feet. This is not good as all of the automated price quote engines at the 3D print houses I have submitted the resulting STL file to all assume the units in the STL are in inches, not in feet. There currently is no way for the Revit end user to specify the unit of measurement used such as inches, mm, feet, meters, and so on when the STL is generated. One would hope that Autodesk provides the Revit end user with the ability to specify the units used before they roll this plug-in into a future release of Revit Architecture.

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