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Thread: MEP Duct Fitting. End cap with double output.

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    Default MEP Duct Fitting. End cap with double output.

    I am having a trouble (kinda headache) with fittings.

    I need to create end cap with a double round output for flex duct.

    In order to achieve this i took the endcap family an edited.

    Added two reference lines, sweeps, round duct profiles and round connectors at the front of it.

    Then loaded family into project for testing

    Either, located and projected flex ducts without problem.

    The problem is while choosing this system in system browser it warns there is "no loss defined", and it cannot display system inspector nor estimate flows for the ducts at the front of the fitting.

    All the connectors are set to "fitting". Also tried "System" with factor 50% / 50% and "Calculated" with same results or the classic warning of ".

    Is there anything else i need to do inside the family?

    I know MEP flow calculations work from terminal to equipment but How can i "split" flows like 30% and 70% using the same scenario ???

    Attached image and family if someone can help. Tanks.Attachment 89034
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    Default Re: MEP Duct Fitting. End cap with double output.

    I changed it from a cap to a Wye in the family category settings and its works great, see attached rvt in a zip.

    EDIT - sorry that didnt fix it... one minute, I will take another look...

    EDIT - well it allows the CFM to travel through it, but the Loss method is grayed out which is annoying, but that happens with half the OOTB fittings as well.
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    Default Re: MEP Duct Fitting. End cap with double output.

    Thanks drew ... it could be the missing part of the family, to define the family parameters as duct fitting and the fitting type as well.

    And i know for sure ... hen adding something else than T's or elbows to any duct system the calculations for Flow and pressure are all gone wrong and the data cannot be displayed inside tags nor schedules.

    Since a while i managed how to solve this kind of fitting and some others weird fittings too. Just followed the "recipe" or other fitting families.

    Here are the little steps ::

    a. begining with a generic family or a mecanical family.

    b. Model some lines as they would follow the axis on your fitting like following the shape from the center. Lines could be aligned to other reference planes for shaping / sizing purposes.

    c. Using the lines as a guide, create Sweeps with rectangular or round shapes. Create parameters for width, height or radius inside the profiles and define them as "duct width" , "duct height".
    All the parameters for duct or piping must be at "instance" level since it is easier to manage them at design time.

    d. Mix all the geometry using JOIN.

    e. Create the duct connectors at the faces of your Sweeps. They must be centered on the face and perpendicular to the first lines.

    f. Each connector must be setup as "System classification = Fitting" , shape as the shape it would be used and the Dimensions parameters linked to the SAME parameters defined earlier.
    Make sure the primary connector is at the right position.

    Copy the family category and parameters from another fitting family. It would be something like "Duct fittings" , Part type like "Elbow / Tee / Wye" and the OmmiClass Number as well.

    At last save the family and apply as desired on the ducts. This recipe also works on piping fittings. Types inside this family is not required, but it could be usefull.

    The sizing of the fitting could be linked by formula to other elements inside the parameters for right sizing as the connectors will be fitting from the duct or pipe at design time.

    Later i will post some of the fittings i've managed to create using this recipe.

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