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Thread: Framed Hip Roof - Revit Architecture 2013

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    Default Framed Hip Roof - Revit Architecture 2013

    Hi! What is the best method to draw a framed hip roof. I would like to use metal c channel, w shapes, and tube steel to do this roof. I started a new Family to draw the roof but I am having trouble getting some of my steel shapes to work with the angles.



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    try this work flow.
    model all of your roof framing flat on one level near eave height.
    Select all of your beams and framing, set beam properties, start & end attachment type, to Distance.
    Next add your hip roof,to this level, using architect tab, using roof by footprint tool.
    for hip roof all eave edges will define slope, change to correct slope of hip roof you need.
    now go to 3D view and pick columns along ridge line, and attach columns to your hip roof shape.
    I always use attachment justification, to intersection of midline of column.
    Your framing should go from flat to sloped. Also works for roofs with both hips and valleys.
    there are a few other things you can do if your layout does not work, add temp columns at hip and valley intersections to help push framing up to roof shape.
    then delete the temp column.

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