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Thread: Tracing a cad drawing

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    Default Tracing a cad drawing

    how do i trace a floor plan from existing cad drawing in to revit; kindly be elaborate as i am new to revit.

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    Default Re: Tracing a cad drawing

    You insert it as a cad link while in the approriate level, and then start tracin'.

    First while in REVIT, get on the level the plan should be, then:

    Insert Tab > Link CAD > (browse to your desired cad file, pick desired options in the "Link Cad Formats" dialog and select file)

    And you can reload, delete etc the file by going into:

    Insert Tab > Manage Links > CAD Formats....
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    Default Re: Tracing a cad drawing

    where can i find insert tab, I am using Revit Architecture 2009

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    Default Re: Tracing a cad drawing

    2009! no ribbon! The original UI, I miss those days......
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    Default Re: Tracing a cad drawing

    Quote Originally Posted by cadgiri View Post
    where can i find insert tab, I am using Revit Architecture 2009
    You're in a Revit Student forum. If you have an educational email address like, you can download the newest version of pretty much all the Autodesk software.

    Learning to use Revit on 2009 is definitely going to handicap you when looking for work in the future.

    There used to be a very well written tutorial for Revit 2009 that I'd love to get my hands on. It was for building a simple ranch style house, then making it a two story, etc.. etc..

    It was also for a full semester class. I used it in resale for giving my clients a taste of Revit. Now I need to find it and update it again to 2013 so I can do some training for my new company I'm working for..

    If anyone has it, please let me know.
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    Default Re: Tracing a cad drawing

    Quote Originally Posted by cadgiri View Post
    where can i find insert tab, I am using Revit Architecture 2009
    I second Paul's concerns about using RAC 2009. Your college/University is doing you a disservice by not keeping up with the technology. You did get the software through your Educational Institution, right? I know that the UW-Milwaukee, has laptops they issue their Architectural students, with required software already installed (or they used to). Anyways, there are advancements in the software, that you're currently missing out on.

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