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Thread: Vasari_Curtain Panel Pattern Based_Parametric??

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    Default Vasari_Curtain Panel Pattern Based_Parametric??

    i am in the process of creating a space frame using Masses and modules of Curtain Panel Pattern Based families, applied to divided surfaces (attachement 1).

    for the end unit, i need to be able to control the location of the node (make it parametric in both x/y direction, or through angular dimension) addition to a Depth parameter.
    (attachement 2)

    i am unable to combine all of these parameters in the same family. i set the parameters to my point, but i keep getting (Constarints are not satisfied) and i lose at least one parameter.

    i tried setting the parameters to ref. lines, and hosted the point by intersection...after loading into project, i get (cant make type) and the panels get deleted.

    i am currently using Vasari Beta2..1.jpgand i cant figure out what i am doing wrong???

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    Default Re: Vasari_Curtain Panel Pattern Based_Parametric??

    This is not easy, but it is possible. It requires hosting points on points to control the location and/or rotation angle of the "apex" of the "pyramid". Then, in the "beam" the first and end panels need a different value for that parameter that controls the location of the apex. This sample might not be exactly the same, but it shows the idea that the end panels have the apex in a different place than the rest of the panels.
    Attached Images Attached Images
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