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Thread: Issuing a Model and recording changes/updates

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    Default Issuing a Model and recording changes/updates

    We have a project where we have multiple disciplines (Architecture, Structures & MEP) each working together using the relevant Revit platform.

    We are all in house but need a audit procedure or trail to record the updates with the models. At present when we milestone a stage we save, record and sign off the 2D drawing output.

    Currently we 'publish' weekly updates of each disciplines model but there isn't a structured way of recording the updates. Is there any suitable applications/software that would record the changes to the models each time they are issued?

    Many thanks.

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    Default Re: Issuing a Model and recording changes/updates

    I just read this document and it outlines a method to track changes using the sheet issue feature.

    This might work for you as described, but unfortunately we already use this feature for drawing issues...

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