Among other items it would be very helpful (an understatement) if the Revit development team would allow created multi-category tags and schedules to talk to each other with system family objects. For instance; I can create a MC tag with labels such as Mark Type, Comment Type ... etc. And I can get that tag to report the type number. But I cannot get a MC Schedule to report the same information. I've try creating my own parameters and again I can get the ID number to report in the tag but not the schedule. I've tried this mostly with wall objects and flooring objects.

The reason for the need is Keynotting. The current keynote system with the text delimited file is too clumsy and the staff I work with would not want nor be able to manage that list. So, currently I have two keynoting systems running; one based on a MC tag and one with a genric annotation tag and noteblock. It is a not the best (understatment) and requires managers to coordinate the tagging for keynotes more than they should.

I do not understand why system family objects are excluded from the MC programming features. It seems like a big hole.