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Thread: Type catalogs un-editable after loading into project?

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    Exclamation Type catalogs un-editable after loading into project?

    After loading a family that has a type catalog into a project or template, I am unable to rename the file extension of the type catalog to be .csv without restarting my session of Revit Architecture. It says the type catalog is being used by another program (even if I don't fully load the family, just open to see the type catalog dialog box...) I can open the .txt file, make my changes and save without any issues, but some of our type catalogs have over 2800 types so that starts to become impractical. It wouldn't be such a bad thing if I were the only one loading families, but when we have dozens of users who could be loading families I don't know who needs to restart Revit.

    Has anybody run into this issue before? Any solutions besides mass emails to restart Revit or working late at night when nobody is loading families?


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    Default Re: Type catalogs un-editable after loading into project?

    Copy the type catalog and rename the copy to .CSV to make your edits. Then open the .CSV in notepad, copy the fields over to the old type catalog. The program is going to source the type catalog regardless of if you use it or not if it's with the family.

    And I feel bad for the person that has to make edits to a 2800 type type catalog.

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