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Thread: hardware upgrade questions

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    Default hardware upgrade questions

    I work in an office of about 15 people and we are in the market to upgrade our computers and possibly the server as well. I've gotten a couple of quotes from Dell on workstations and was wondering if anyone can give me some advice as to which one would be better. I'd like to get better machines now in the hopes that they will be powerful enough, and be upgradable enough, to last us about 6 years. Here are my options so far:

    Option #1
    Dell Precision T1650
    4C XEON E3-1220v2
    16GB RAM
    1GB nVIDIA Quadro 2000

    Option #2
    Dell OptiPlex 9010
    3rd Gen Intel Core i7-3770
    16GB RAM
    1GB RADEON HD 7570

    I have more info on each of the systems but I think this is enough for someone to give me some comments.

    Also, with the new 2014 coming out (hopefully) in the next few weeks, should I wait to upgrade our systems until the new Autodesk requirements come out or will the 2013 requirements be sufficient?

    Thanks in advance AUGI pals!

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    Default Re: hardware upgrade questions

    I'm not sure what's the better option but my machine is

    Intel Core i3770
    20GB Ram
    NVIDIA Quadro 600

    It's pretty solid not alot of issues using Revit and Navisworks

    Hope that helps

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