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Thread: Parametric Casework

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    Default Parametric Casework

    As the software is being delivered by suites now, I figure anyone with ACA probably has access to MEP. So with the parametric tools in MEP has anyone created parametric casework?

    I will attach a very basic example, but I think the theory works, define the casework as a parametric MvPart and it can be used in MEP, and MEP has all of the ACA tools.

    Has anyone tried this, do you think its a good or a bad idea?

    I can see a problem with materials, are you aware of a way to assign multiple materials to a Part? or an MvBlock for that matter?

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    Default Re: Parametric Casework

    I don't have MEP so I am not sure I am seeing all of what you have created. Odin Cary of has created comprehensive casework using curtain walls and it might save you some time than recreating it. As it's ACA the methods of assigning materials is already known and Odin has his set up ready for rendering for sketch and presentation levels already.

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