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Thread: Constraining to linked CAD file

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    Default Constraining to linked CAD file

    Hi. I am wondering if it is possible to constrain revit elements or linked projects onto a linked CAD file and for the constrained elements to then move when the CAD file is changed.

    For example, on a cad master plan. Is it possible to lock an aligned house type onto a set of lines in cad, then update the cad lines and have the house type automatically re-align to the same cad lines? I have tried this, but once the cad file is changed, the house type in revit does not follow the updated cad link.

    If this is not possible, is there any other way to make linked cad files and revit work together, or does this mean that I will have to manually update the revit file each time there is a change?

    Thanks in advance

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    Default Re: Constraining to linked CAD file

    Hello Jimmy,

    I do not think that constraining Revit elements to a CAD link will work. Just to be clear, you have locked the Revit elements to the CAD line work, updated the CAD and the Revit elements do not shift correctly. I would say, stop doing double duty, and model everything in Revit.

    Jeff S.
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