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Thread: RevitServer Connections

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    Default RevitServer Connections

    RevitServer.local (MEP installation, Host, Accelerator,Admin) - RevitServer.dmz (Host, Accelarator) - RevitServerArch (Host,Admin).

    It's very bad documented with ports and services should be available on all 3 Servers to get things working the right way in a Enterpice environment.
    The way it should work is that the MEP company can use models (linked, without copying it to there own host) from the RevitServerArch.
    The RevitServer.dmz is used to distribute the MEP models to Arch and/or other companies.
    Most traffic is blocked through the firewalls, with traffic is needed from with system to get things working without problems and security issues?

    Second, how to set up filesharing rights on the RevitServer.dmz to store more than one project, but not available for everyone.

    With regards, rolph

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    Default Re: RevitServer Connections

    Revit Server operates on port 808 through IIS. Installing the prerequisites is the most challenging.

    Because Revit Server operates through Web Services (IIS), you cannot apply Windows Active Directory security as with typical Windows folders (Windows File System). The lack of project security is one drawback of Autodesk Revit Server.

    Imaginit Clarity Server (running on top of Autodesk Revit Server) adds the layer of project level security, however it lacks granularity. It is an all or nothing security. Unlike Windows File System, you cannot create read-only access to a project security group on Clarity Server.

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