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Thread: 2013 - Creating relatively complex facade.

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    Unhappy 2013 - Creating relatively complex facade.

    Hi All!

    I've literally only started using Revit over the last two days and feel fairly comfortable with the overall standard functions after what must be close to a billion tutorials! I'm currently studying and as such, am no architectural genius yet, however I apparently have an insatiable need for ridiculous design.

    In summary, my design is of a single story public library which will have a green roof. Access to said roof is provided by a ramp. As this is a design project I am trying to go all out with the design (what my construction teachers would call 'fluffy'). This is where you guys (hopefully my new friends) will come into play.

    Pleaaaaase see the attatched PDF before reading further

    I want to have a relatively angular facade, hypothetically made from precast or even insitu concrete. The fun part is trying to model it in Revit. I won't lie, I am used to sketch up. I love sketchup. We are bros. However I want to know how to do this in Revit, or what the most appropriate process would be.

    In this picture the blue is the standard building facade, the yellow is the ramp. The red is the angular affect which would either be attached to the wall or cast as part of (admittedly that is some less than fun form-work). The green I would like to make a feature on both the internal and external sides of the wall, with it being relatively hollow on the internal face.

    I have tried modeling as a component in place and as in place conceptual mass (with the intent of creating faces on walls) however I can't seem to get any where with the extrusion form factor. I find it very difficult in that I can't just put edges wherever I want and then manipulate the points.

    Is it standard practice to model something like this in Revit? Or to start off in Autocad/Sketchup and import it in?

    If anyone could provide help and feed back I would be incredibly grateful
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