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    Default Stationing

    I found a routine that I would like to use that does what I need it to do except that it puts numbers
    at vertices but I need it to label text at measured distances in civil engineering stations instead
    starting with 0+00. Can anyone figure out how to code it?
    (Please see attached)
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    For anyone else interested in helping, here's my response from the OP's duplicate thread:

    Quote Originally Posted by BlackBox
    Since you're not using Civil 3D (which does all of this for you), why not just setup a typical "Station" block, and insert using the Measure Command, and be sure to select 'Yes' for 'Align to Object' prompt? unsure.gif
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    I've also moved this from the Freestyle forum to the programming forum. Cheers.
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    Default Re: Stationing

    There are a lot of routines out in the wilds of the world wide web to do statining in CAD. Might also try searching on 'chainage' as an equivalent term.
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