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Thread: Difference Between Plant 3D and MEP?

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    Default Difference Between Plant 3D and MEP?

    We have a client that wants someone on site to help them on a project designing pipine using AutoCAD MEP. We have users here trained on AutoCAD Plant 3D. My question is: does the piping design in MEP work much like the piping design in MEP? If not, how difficult is the transition?

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    Exclamation Re: Difference Between Plant 3D and MEP?

    I have a similar situation at our firm. We are using P3D for process piping & AMEP for ductwork. My question is which would be preferable for "Plumbing"? I realize the 'P' in MEP is for plumbing, and have used it successfully before. But there are several features of Plant that are desirable (creating riser diagrams, for instance.) We are looking at which program would be best for coordinating plumbing for industrial plants, any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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