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Thread: Creating new door design/style-Japanese Traditional House

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    Default Creating new door design/style-Japanese Traditional House

    Hi, I'm a seventeen year old high school student studying architecture.

    I'm working on designing a Japanese traditional house at the moment, but I'm stuck on the doors.

    The AutoCAD Arch I use does not have the paper and wood-framed style I'm looking for.

    I've tried using pocket doors and glass sliding doors to represent my design, but I find that they do not bring unity to the house due to their different colours. Furthermore, these two styles sometimes break down my walls when I bring them into the model.


    As you can see in this picture, I'm looking for a door that slides along the outside of a wall.

    Does anyone know how to build this style or where to find it?

    Thank you so much for your time and help,
    Jason Ku

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    Default Re: Creating new door design/style-Japanese Traditional House

    There is a 3 panel sliding door I assume for a robe that is included. To get the double of that you could use a door window assembly with 2 cells and have the 3 panel sliding door as the default style. You would then need to hide the centre frame between the 2 cells of the DWA.
    For a typical sliding door here, as our walls are brick I need to take a standard style sliding door and create a new style, add a block of a sliding door panel (3rd tab in style) and position it manually and turn off the default panel. I think you would be better using the DWA approach and I would think offsetting it from the wall line. However each of these would 'break the walls' and I can't see how you would not want to do this.

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