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Thread: Revit's little annoyances

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    Default Revit's little annoyances

    I didn't select a version for this post, as it seems to apply to all of them. I'm using MEP, but I suspect these apply to most versions.

    I would guess that most readers of this post have come across these and asked the same question. Why aren't we given the ability to set default actions for these?

    1. When placing an electrical device, the tag option is checked by default. I don't always need to tag every item.
    2. When tagging a device, the Leader option is checked by default. I don't always want a leader.
    3. When I place spare circuit breakers in a panel schedule, they come in locked by default. I don't typically need them locked.

    And the one that is asked about the most in our office....

    4. Immediately after I have created a new local file from the Central model, when a command is entered, I get the "synchronize with Central" warning....I just created a new local file? How could there be anything to synchronize?

    How much time could we save daily if we were given the ability to set defaults for many common actions.

    It's usability issues like these that make you shake you head and wonder when working with revit.

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    Default Re: Revit's little annoyances

    Quote Originally Posted by ModelBoss View Post

    It's usability issues like these that make you shake you head and wonder when working with revit.
    Yeah mate, I agree 100%

    After moving to Revit recently after a couple of decades using Autocad, I'm finding that the Revit user interface is a complete dog of a thing.

    My pet peeve of the week is editing a modelled in place element, in this case a SWEEP ...

    So, the process goes something like this:

    Firstly you need to select the view where the original sweep profile was generated (not just a convenient view that cuts through the sweep).

    Then select the sweep, and cruise on up to the ribbon to select "edit in place".

    Next we go back and select the sweep object again, and once more cruise on back up to the ribbon (a touch of deja vu) to select "edit sweep", followed by "select profile" and finally we get to the "edit profile" selection ... woo-hoo, it only took 6 mouse clicks and a minor case of RSI to get to where we wanted to be ...

    ... so we do whatever tweaks we need to do to the profile and we're done ... apart from clicking "tick", "tick" and finally "tick" (which is in a different location to the previous two tick options), and it's not even as though you can short cut things by using the keyboard Enter for "tick", or Esc for "cancel".

    Don't get me wrong, I'm not just complaining because Revit is different to the software that I've been using for an age, but it seems like everywhere you look within the basic Revit user interface, there seems to be plenty of options to streamline things and make the whole draughting process "flow" heaps better than it currently does.

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