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Thread: ASCII Keyboard Macro??

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    Smile ASCII Keyboard Macro??

    Thank you all in advance for your time. I have been searching for the past hour and found nothing relevant to my issue, but I apologize if I have missed it. Anyway, my office uses the Architext font and has standardly uses the "%%" method to obtain the various characters (example: %%127 = degree sign, %%232 = Stacked 1/16" fraction). I was wondering if there was a way to program the * key on the numerical keypad to automatically type %% when pressed, so that instead of having to press shift+%% or alt+XXXX every time we could just hit the * key.

    I am a self-proclaimed "programming idiot" so please be thorough in your response.

    Thanks again.

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    There is a shareware program called Autohook that will allow this type of keyboard modification. They have releases that cover r12 thru r2005 and Land Desktop. It does not appear to work with Civil 3D so it may conflict with Inventor or Revit as well.

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    Thank you kindly for your reply. It seems that Autohook is no longer a shareware program and I have a hard time justifying the expense for the change of one "simple" key. Any other way that anybody knows of?? I forgot to mention earlier we're using AutoCAD 2002.

    It wouldn't matter if the change was system wide as we don't use that key for any other programs.

    Thanks again for the help.

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