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    Default 3DPOLY Lisp routine problems....

    My friend and I are total newbies at writing script/lisp routines, but we are attempting because there has to be a faster way to do what we're doing. I have a spillway structure defined by hundreds of points in excel (the points are cross sections, so 3 to 5 points defining the tops of the walls, chute, bottom of walls, etc). I brought the points into CAD by importing as a .csv file. Now we'd like to connect the different cross section points into 3dpolygons to eventually make a solid for concrete volumes (more confusion we'll tackle later). Anyway, our hope is to just do this over and over and over until we say to stop:

    (enter cross section point range, for example 100-199)
    C (to close the polygon)

    We can get the points entered, but cannot get the escape and close the polygon to work. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!!!
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    Default Re: 3DPOLY Lisp routine problems....

    My first suggestion is to use "CL" instead of "C"
    Other way to use entmake to create 3d poly,
    here is Q&D routine to do it:

     (defun C:3PE (/  *error* dimz file file-to-list p points split-string)
       (defun *error*  (msg)
    	'("console break"
    	  "Function cancelled"
    	  "quit / exit abort"
           (princ "Error!")
           (princ msg)
        (if dimz (setvar "dimzin" dimz))
       ;; local defuns
        (defun file-to-list (filename / file result line)
      (if (findfile filename)
        (progn (setq file (open filename "r"))
    	   (while (setq line (read-line file))
    	     (setq result (cons line result))
    	   (close file)
    	   (reverse result)
        (alert (strcat "File " filename " not found!"))
     (defun split-string (str delim / pos)
      ;; Splits a string into a list of strings at every
      ;; occurrence of the delimiter (single-letter string).
      (setq pos (vl-string-position (ascii delim) str))
      (if (null pos)
        (list str)
        (cons (substr str 1 pos)
    	  (split-string (substr str (+ pos 2)) delim)
        ;; main part
       (setq dimz (getvar "dimzin"))
    (setvar "dimzin" 0)
       ;; choose delimited csv file
       (setq file (getfiled "Select points file:" "" "CSV;TXT" 4))
        ;; text file is semicolon delimited, values are in order of: X , Y , Z 
       ;;(setq file (findfile "C:\\Test\\3Points.csv"));for test only
      (setq points (file-to-list file))
       (if points (progn
      (setq points (mapcar '(lambda (p)(mapcar 'atof (split-string p ";"))) points)); <-- char ";" is a separator, change on your separator here
    ;; entmake polyline
    ;; create polyline first
      (list (cons 0 "POLYLINE")
    	(cons 100  "AcDbEntity")
    	(cons 8 "0");< -- layer
    	(cons 100 "AcDb3dPolyline")
    	(cons 66 1)
    	(cons 70 9)); <-- 9 is flag for closed (non fit/smooth) 3d poly
    ;; pline vertices
    (foreach pt points
      ; creates new vertex
          (cons 0 "VERTEX")
          (cons 100 "AcDbEntity")
          (cons 8 "0");< -- layer
            (cons 100  "AcDbVertex")
      (cons 100  "AcDb3dPolylineVertex")
          (cons 10 pt)
          (cons 42 0.0)
          (cons 70 32)
      ) ;end foreach
    (entmake (list
    	   (cons 0 "SEQEND")
    	   (cons 100  "AcDbEntity")
    	   (cons 8 "0");< -- layer)
      (command "_zoom" "_ob" (entlast) "")
      (*error* nil)
    (prompt "\n\t\t---\tStart command with: 3PE \t---")
    "The whole problem with the world is that fools and fanatics are always
    so certain of themselves, and wiser people so full of doubts."
    Bertrand Russell

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