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Thread: Building Design Suite - Premium 2014 activation error / problem

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    Default Building Design Suite - Premium 2014 activation error / problem

    I downloaded and installed BDSP-2014 as a trial version on my computer, and it worked when I did the "first run" and and ran it as a trial. I installed another copy (from the newly arrived USB key) on a new computer I 'm setting up and wanted to test to see if it (version 2014) would work on this new computer. I went ahead and activated it on this new computer and then used Autodesk's license transfer program to transfer it back to the web to use on my computer since at the time the new computer is set up for the 2013 version. The license file transfered correctly to the web and I got the email confrimation from Autodesk, etc. I then went back to my older computer (which has no problems running any of the early versions) and ran the 2014 license trasfer program. But after clickiing on the program it failed to run, or at least nothing showed up on screen, no error messages or a "finished" message. Nothing, zip. Well I then tried to run autoCAD 2014 and I get an error message that reads "The security system (softlock license manager) is not functioning or is improperly installed." I cleck ok and the program closes. REVIT, Navisworks, etc don't start either, but they don't give any error messages. I've tried uninstalling the entire BDSP-2014 and reinstalled, but same errors.

    Do I need to delete the license file manually after uninstalling? Is this corrupt license file sticking around being reused on the reinstall?

    I haven't tried to transfer the license file back to the original computer yet to see if it still works.

    I'm going to uninstall again and reinstall from the USB Key rather then the download file on my computer. Maybe the download got corruptted during download.

    any suggestions?

    What directory is the license file located in? Should I delete that license file and try to re-activate?
    Or should I take the day off and go drink ice-cold beer in the park with the dog?
    I like the beer/dog/park idea, but I would like to try 2014 and see what changes / improvements have been made.


    P.S. both computers are Intel i7's, 16 gb ram, windows 7 64 bit, etc.

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    Default Re: Building Design Suite - Premium 2014 activation error / problem

    Maybe your standalone license corrupted,you need to reset it. Follow this post on how to do.

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    Emily Xu
    AutodeskCare | Product Support
    Autodesk, Inc.

    Thanks Emily, this (link) is just what I ended up having to do. I Un-installed and re-installed but that failed to work. I did more checking online at Atuodesk (using thier virtural help) and found my why to that soultion. Once I deleted (well I moved them in case I needed to restore) the corupted license files I re-installed and everything was fine, the License Transfer program worked (note it was frozen up and was a non-responding service). The only downside was I had to re-activate all the older versions of AutoCAD and REVIT since all licenses are kept in the same file. Not a big deal since I saved all the activation codes for the older versions.

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