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Ever since I explored using customizing AutoCAD Mechanical via the acaddoc.lsp file, there has been a Mechanical-specific, acaddoc.lsp file.
Although there is an acadm.lsp file as well and there has been some minor changes in the acaddoc.lsp, any custom code must follow the existing code.
Thanks for clarifying.

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Thanks for providing your story and what appears to be is a very colorful and vibrant CAD and programming experience.
Hearing your story encourages me to push the envelope by growing my programming skills.
That is kind of you to say, Clint.

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Streamlining via acad.lsp
I will try to implement the acad.lsp concept with the COND statements graciously given.
However as the sole CAD person in the organization, I lost a significant drawing production time while creating and testing my current successful but rather cludgy (maintenance-wise - having no less than five versions of acaddoc.lsp to update) customization in the acaddoc.lsp file(s) that do not rely on the acad.lsp.
I do know the payback is in the automation that was achieved up to this point.

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The multiple Acad*.lsp files may seem complex at first... Keep it simple, setup one, get it working well, and only then replicate as needed, tailoring to suite. I didn't inherit this structure, nor implement it in a day... This is instead the result of small evolution from one methodology to another. Take your time, do what's best for your situation, even if that means a simpler/different methodology altogether.

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