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Thread: Parametric Association with rooms

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    Default Parametric Association with rooms

    I so hope someone can help
    Ive been given the task to see if it can be done and ive hit a brick wall.

    Ive been asked to see if it is possible to have a family selection associated with a specific parameter within a room
    For example:
    If a room has a heat specification of 1 when you drop a family (say a radiator) into that room it will change the rad to a type 1
    If then I have a room with a heat specification of 2 (dropping the same radiator family) into that room it will change to a rad type 2.

    They are wanting this as an automated action, but I dont think this can be done, can it?

    I know you can create different family types within a family but is there a way of making it automated depending on a specific parameter?

    Please help im pulling my hair out trying to figure it out, and when you tell said people im not sure it can be done, their reply is im sure it can you just need to find out how. AAAHHHH!!!!!

    Thanks so much in advance

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    Default Re: Parametric Association with rooms

    Can't do it auotmatically!
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    Default Re: Parametric Association with rooms

    Although not automatic I'd suggest you utilize schedules to help get this done as efficiently as possible.
    Create a schedule of the equipment and include room data in the schedule. You can then sort your schedule based on the parameter of your choosing. Collapse the schedule so it does not 'itemize every instance' and then fill in the field in the equipment family to match the one in the room/space.

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