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Thread: Help with IFC curiosities

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    I have some problems I can't solve without an external force...

    I have opened an IFC-model from ArchiCAD in RA2013 (using standard IFC metric template downloaded from seek). The window and door reveals are inverted (the doors and windows float outside the wall). Also some windows and doors "drop" from their correct level/story to z=zero. The openings are at their correct position within the walls but the objects drop...and I can't select them...kind of "ghost" objects. Funny thing is that the ghost seem to have some love affair going on with other elements. In the attached example a small slab...if I delete the slab and scroll in/out the ghost object is gone...which is good... but...the wall only shows an empty opening. The wall with the ghost object show a strange vertical line as can also be seen in the attachment...don't know if that has something to do with it!?
    I'm kind of out of ideas...I have both Revit and ArchiCAD on my computer but so far I haven't got it right...
    All IFC-models I've tested show up glaringly correct in Solibri, BIMsight, DDS and ArchiCAD.

    Any clues? I'm a half noob at Revit and fluent at ArchiCAD, trying to get better at both at a very slow pace.

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