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Thread: Transfering wall parameters between projects

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    Default Transfering wall parameters between projects

    I've run into a bit of a pickle, and I'm curious if anyone knows of a way to get this to work.

    I am working on a campus plan with several buildings, each building is broken out into a seperate project, however the deliverables will combine all of the buildings into one set of documents, so wall types and other common elements need to be scheduled into one file. What I've done is created one "master project" file which has all of the buildings linked into it for the purposes of scheduling these items, and maintaining master copies of all wall, window and door types that are shared amongst the buildings. I've also created a series of text parameters for things the client requires to be scheduled; for instance maximum stud spacing and maximum wall height.

    The issue I'm having is that while I can transfer the text parameters from the master project file into the individual projects, if I make a change to the master file and attempt to overwrite the (for example) wall family in the individual projects, the text information is not updating. Is there a way to get this to work? or am I going to be stuck managing these text parameters individually?

    I have tried them as both Project Type Parameters, and shared type parameters with the same result.


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    Default Re: Transfering wall parameters between projects


    If I read your question correctly, you're looking to transfer data from the Master project into the linked projects. I know of no way to change data of a linked file, without going into the link and changing it there. The data sets for links should be grayed out, and un-editable.

    Unless you're recreating the walls, for instance, in both projects. What data are you trying to span across several projects?

    Hope to hear from you soon,
    Jeff S.
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    Default Re: Transfering wall parameters between projects

    Here's an example of what I've done so far... I created several text based project parameters and applied them to the walls for scheduling, I then copied the wall types into the linked files. We are in the early phases of design development, so these wall types are changing as we go. When I revised the wall types in the master file and overwrote them in the linked files, the text parameters were not updating.

    I think I found a solution though. If I use transfer project standards for the Wall types and Project parameters at the same time, it seems to consistently overwrite the text parameters with the new information... at least so far as I've been able to test.

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