Hi everyone,

Hope you Structural steel details & fabricators will find this genuinely useful as we see a lot of people frustrated with manipulating DSTV file types. Tomorrow's webinar features CMS for AutoCAD®, that allows the user to rapidly produce DSTV (nc1) files for any structural steel shape present in an AutoCAD® 2D drawing.

Join StrucSoft for this informative webinar to learn more about DSTV files and on how to maximize this product for your business:
- Overview of DSTV files
- Introduction to CMS
- CMS for AutoCAD®
- Taking you through 3 real-life examples including a plate, I-beam and angle.

Recordings will be sent to all who register so make sure to do so!

For more information on CMS for AutoCAD®, please visit: http://www.strucsoftsolutions.com/pr...s-for-autocad/. CMS is available in multiple versions including CMS Standard, CMS Viewer, CMS for AutoCAD®, CMS for Autodesk® Inventor®, CMS for SolidWorks® & CMS for MBS®. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch,

Alexine Gordon-Stewart
StrucSoft Solutions