Looking for some feedback on these models I've created. Link is below my signature way at the bottom.
Any direction or help or comments would be appreciated. Thus far I have multiple views/images only unless you download. (Which I am not asking anyone to do, viewing only is fine.) I'm looking to put together an intense online collection of Revit healthcare models that I have just sitting on my server at home. Basically Autodesk Seek and RC don't really have a lot of spectacular medical objects to download, neither do these BIM-download libraries that claim to have thousands of models. Most of which are 2D CAD-adds.

My parameters for building were:
Highly rendered appearance
Low file size (400kb or less)
Drag and drop capability for scheduling, tagging, etc...
Visibility settings for plan/section/elevation (with symbolic lines)
Easily modifiable to any company standards
Re-world dimensions and MEP connections from actual cut-sheets of the products

Once again, any input would be great, I appreciate it.