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Thread: Installing latest Manager or using multiple versions?

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    Default Installing latest Manager or using multiple versions?

    I have alweays installed the latest version of Manage on the userrs computers, but I have onre user requesting past versions, because "It is helpful to have the other versions of Navis Manage because, they will load into the Add ins tab on the (AutoCAD) ribbon. It makes it easier to export a view instead of exporting the whole building and then braking it apart in navis."

    Is this true?

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    Default Re: Installing latest Manager or using multiple versions?

    You might want to see exactly what "Add-ins" are being referred to. It could be switchback, or NWC export.
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    Default Re: Installing latest Manager or using multiple versions?

    I believe if you load them in the proper order, NW will install itself in Autocad and revit based apps..
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