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Thread: Coloring different elements in 3D views

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    Default Coloring different elements in 3D views


    We are trying to create multiple 3D-views to explain our building-sequence of a building core. It consists of multiple walls, and in order to show the building-sequence, we start with hiding all the elements, except for the first one. Then create a 3D view of the first 'picture', duplicate the 3D view and then unhide the next element for the next 'picture' and so on...

    This way we end up with a movie-like set of images for presentations about the building sequence. Our wish is to give the new element (that is being added in that specific step) a color to show that's the one being added. Only problem is that we are using linked files which means we can't paint or edit walls/materials/types et cetera. We are now able to tab-select the elements and hide them, but thats about it. We can't add parameters or anything to objects already created by other parties.

    - Also, when using paint on a object, that object is still painted in other 3D views, so that won't work either.
    - I believe phasing isn't possible because all objects are already created in certain phases before we recieve their file.
    - Using paint on the object, then export image to project from that 3D view, and remove paint > unhide next element > paint that element > etc isn't our most favorable solution because we like to place the views on sheets and make them as big as we want them.. Plus, we need to change these seperate images quite often, so seperate views gives us the most control as opposed to images created from one view..

    I hope i explained the problem well enough and now i hope you guys have our solution! Thanks in advance.

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    Default Re: Coloring different elements in 3D views

    Yes you can add a project specific parameter. Call it "build seqence". Then Change that property for each element.
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    Default Re: Coloring different elements in 3D views

    Could you export each scene individually as a jpeg? then change the color and/or turn off other objects that you want, then export the view as a jpeg again? this may keep your 3D Views down in your Revit model and help its organization a little bit. (Even save a little on file size too! )
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    Default Re: Coloring different elements in 3D views

    You'll need to access the linked file directly to make the change. Either by direct manipulation, or additional parameters, either way you'll need to revise that linked file.

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