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    Default Revit Wishlist

    There are quite a few tools that would be great in Revit but the thing that I would like the most is:

    • 3D Perspective View (Similar to the Project Vasari 3D perspective)
    • Ask to rename the view - Whenever you select Duplicate, a popup should allow you to edit the name immediately, or easier editing in the Project Browser.
    • Parking count/ Family - Similar to a door's mark automatically being numbered!
    • Add legends into a scheduled field (per row)! - For better door or finishing schedules.

    More to be added soon...

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    Lightbulb Re: Revit Wishlist

    1. duplicate sheet in only one click with a automatic creation of a copy-view
    2. a keynote manager for a simple editing ok a each release the keynote, and his management are not considered for a really good development!!!
    3. implement Vasari in Revit
    4. have the ability to create Arch & Design materials for rendering with MentalRay in 3dsMax
    5. Tools for a BIM Management!!!

    slowly I'm thinking about everything else that might be useful

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