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Thread: Calculating the volume of a revolved form within a family

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    Default Calculating the volume of a revolved form within a family


    New to AUGI so not sure if I've posted in the correct forum.

    I'm currently creating a parametric family for a concrete tank. The parametrics of the tank are all working fine.

    The problem I'm having is calculating the volume of the revolved form, I need to find out how to do this as I wish to add a consturction cost parameter to the tank.

    Can someone please suggest how I can find out the volume of the revolve.


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    Default Re: Calculating the volume of a revolved form within a family

    Welcome to AUGI!

    The easiest way I've found to find the volume of the extrusions (including Revolves, Sweeps, etc.) of a Family is to change its Category to Generic Models and load it into a blank Project. An element of the Generic Models Category will report its volume under Properties when selected. After the volume is discovered, one can simply undo the change in Category in the Family.
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