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Thread: Revit 2014 update 1

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    Default Revit 2014 update 1

    After speaking to Autodesk directly, we have discovered that update 1 applies only to Revit Architecture 2014 NOT Building Design Suite Premium 2014, which is what we have. OK, so we don't need it. However, since all members of a team should be working with the same version, will we have a problem with consultants using Revit Architecture update 1? We have had some mysterious occurrences, like VG not allowing objects to expand to subcategories
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    Default Re: Revit 2014 update 1

    It might not apply to Building Design Suite because that's not "software", that's a bundle of software. It definitely applies to Revit versions, Architecture, Structure, MEP and Revit (aka "one-box"...all Revit disciplines in a single Revit install). These are update links for each version:

    Revit Architecture 2014
    Revit Structure 2014
    Revit MEP 2014
    Revit 2014 (one-box, only available as part of BDS)

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