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Thread: Laptop req. for basic Revit/CAD 2013/14?

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    Default Laptop req. for basic Revit/CAD 2013/14?

    Hello AUGI!

    I'll be starting a Bachelor of Architectural Technology and Construction Management in Januar 2014. At that point i will buy a lenovo W530 from the school that has all the bells and whistles.

    But i have a couple of months now and i would like to play around in the programs. Find some tutorials and stuff, so i can learn the programs interface and basics.

    I'm looking for a reasonable priced ultrabook, that i'll hook up to an external monitor, that i can use for this.

    I just bought a
    Fujitsu UH572M 13,3" / i5-3317U / 8GB / 32GB SSD / HD4000, but i don't like the keyboad and trackpad and i can still send it back. I will say i can live it, most of the time i will use at home with a ext. monitor and keyboard, but on the go, i will miss a more quality keyboard and trackpad.

    The alternative in my pricerange is an Asus vivobook S400 which has better keyboad and trackpad, but lower specs. i3-3217u, 4GB ram, 24ssd.

    Will the Vivobook be enough for light tutorials and just learning to navigate the programs?

    I guess if i work for 3-4 hours a day over 3 months at some point i might need a more powerfull machine, and the i3/4gb ram will not be enough?

    Or maybe even the Fujitsu i5/8GB ram will not be enough?

    Thank you very much for help

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    Default Re: Laptop req. for basic Revit/CAD 2013/14?

    I highly recommend getting a laptop capable of holding more RAM than 8 GB. 4 GB is dedicated to Windows and the rest is for Revit depending on the size of the project. Ideally 16 GB RAM is optimal.
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