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Thread: Using Tab to cycle through attributes

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    Default Using Tab to cycle through attributes

    I have a block that has several lines of attributes in it. In other versions of autocad, I would double click one line of the block to edit the text. Then if I pressed the tab key, it would automatically go to the next line for me to edit and so on. When at the last line of the attributes if I pressed the tab key, it would highlight the ok key. Then I press enter and I'm done. In 2010 Architecture for some reason it won't select the next line of attributes. It will go to the ok key. But it skips over the other attributes. Is there a setting or something that changes this? It's very annoying.

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    Default Re: Using Tab to cycle through attributes

    Are you using the "old" attribute editor (ATTEDIT) or the new, enhanced attribute editor (EATTEDIT)? In ACA 2010, the former behaves the way you want for me (tab through list to end, then to "OK"); the latter does not (use enter to move to the next attribute, once you are in the edit box).
    David Koch

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