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Thread: Instance Arc Grip/Handle Issue

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    Default Instance Arc Grip/Handle Issue

    I made a family that will arc and move with grips. It works exactly how I want it..... except....I am having a problem when the arc is getting too small. The model geometry will then flip to the opposite side, but annotation will look fine. I locked the sweep path to the annotation with the formula for the radius. Is there a way to make a if statement to flip it? I would be happy with a yes/no to flip it. I am thinking it has something to do with the behavio of the sweep?. I will attach a few pictures with the issue.


    arc issue.JPG
    arc issue1.JPG

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    It is better to create a horizontal reference line to control the center point of the Arc. if constrains applied correctly, it won't be flipped.
    If you want it to be flipped that, you could create two sweep at the same time, and use visibility to control the two sweeps.

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