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Thread: Displaying structure of roof

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    Default Displaying structure of roof

    Hello guys,

    I am modelling a house in Revit and I want to show structure of roof in a 3D view like the one shown on this website.

    May I know how can I achieve this in Revit?


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    Default Re: Displaying structure of roof

    You want the layers of the roof peeled back like that? Use Parts.

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    Default Re: Displaying structure of roof

    Welcome to the forums.
    There are a number of ways you can accomplish this but the quickest is probably using 'parts'.
    There a re a number of limitations when it comes to roofs. You won't be able to divide a roof that has a ridge line i.e. is you have a gable roof it will need to be built up from two monoslope roof sections.
    Divide the roof into parts and then hide the parts you don't want to see.
    Keep in mind that the joists will need to be modeled as well as the insulation. A Revit assembly won't display that way by default.

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