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Thread: Text indenting changes each time it's edited

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    Default Re: Text indenting changes each time it's edited

    Quote Originally Posted by Steve_Stafford View Post
    I wrote in my earlier reply but it is easy to miss.

    Before editing any text element ALWAYS use Zoom Sheet Size.
    The problem with this is you can't really read 1/8" text when you're zoomed out so far unless you're rocking a 30" monitor.
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    Default Re: Text indenting changes each time it's edited

    I've always been able to read it regardless, once it is selected.

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    Default Re: Text indenting changes each time it's edited

    Has the ZS trick been broken with the latest update? I'm trying to edit specs as text blocks and the ZS trick is not keeping the formatting when I edit. Revit 2015 due to client not having 2017 yet. Was working on my desktop machine, but new laptop isn't treating it correctly. Had separate issue with a USB3 dock forcing Revit to use the integrated graphics instead of discrete graphics, so have disconnected from dock. Was causing Revit to crash while editing the text. That's fixed by disconnecting from the dock, but formatting issues remain.
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    Default Re: Text indenting changes each time it's edited

    I am using 2016 although I have 2018 available and this is still an issue. A fix that we have been able to use, but not always implement, is to avoid the copy paste. If you take two separate text boxes and recreate the 2nd one with the exact same information from scratch, it will eliminate the zooming / indent issues. I typically do not have time to recreate all of that information but I figured I would share. Hopefully it works for everyone else.

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