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Thread: Export sheet to DWF - wrong paper size

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    Question Export sheet to DWF - wrong paper size

    Has anyone else had their sheet DWFs come out the wrong paper size? Since we switched to Revit 2014 I have had the hardest time getting my sheet DWFs to come out the correct size. Our sheets are sized for 42x30 but when I export to DWF and set the size to 42x30 they always come out 8 1/2x11. I've tried auditing my file, setting my default printer to one that supports 42x30, and even presetting my Revit print settings to 42x30. Nothing works anymore. A coluple of weeks ago I was able to get it to work if I exported first thing after opening the file. Now nothing works. I need to know if there's a solution or is it just my installation or is it a bug in 2014.

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    Default Re: Export sheet to DWF - wrong paper size

    I have found that I have to open a sheet view and then plot to dwf to get it to plot the correct size.

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    Make sure that Sheetsize is set to <Use Sheet Size> to ensure that it uses the ANSI E1 size.

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