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Thread: WPF user control instead of a Winform

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    Default WPF user control instead of a Winform

    I would like to test WPF as an improvement to Winforms (I think I have the correct terms)

    So I tried the following:

    I created an Addin
    I inserted a WPF user control as its the only thing available under WPF
    I then added imports System.Windows the xaml.vb and within the class Inherits window
    this allows me to treat the WPF user control as a window so that I can use .ShowDialog() to get it open

    But I get the following error:

    Error 1 Base class 'System.Windows.Controls.UserControl' specified for class 'Home' cannot be different from the base class 'System.Windows.Window' of one of its other partial types.

    the System.Windows.Controls.UserControl is automatically generated in a file named Home.g.vb

    so to my question

    I guess that adding a user control is different to a form, which is what I want..... so is there some documentation out there about adding a WPF form to a revit api?


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    Default Re: WPF user control instead of a Winform

    I see I may be able to load the user control into a window with:

    Dim userControl As New UserControl1()
    Dim win As New Window()
    win.Content = userControl

    so maybe I will give that a try...

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    Default Re: WPF user control instead of a Winform

    Hi Drew,

    Sounds like you're wanting to host a WPF UserControl within a PalettSet, in which case, consider Kean's article here as a loosely related reference.

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