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Thread: Ambient shadows bug

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    Default Ambient shadows bug

    Shaded views can behave very unpredictably when ambient shadows are enabled -- sometime dark, sometimes light. But now I also discover that size matters as well. As the attached image shows, smaller views are dark on screen, and light when plotted, while larger views (using the identical view template) are lighter on screen and darker when plotted. I'll forward this to Autodesk tech support, but wonder if anyone has a work around to keep things consistent, especially on plots.

    I'm using an nVidia Quadro FX 3700 with current drivers, although it has not been officially been tested for compatibility with Revit.

    Revit ambient shadow bug.png

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    Default Re: Ambient shadows bug

    When I contacted Autodesk tech support about this back in '15, I was informed that ambient shadows are generated in hardware, not by Revit itself, so video card abilities and drivers come into play. It's a pain to have so useful a presentation technique be so unpredictable. And still in version 2018.2. Sigh...

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