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Thread: Massing floors on a recreated mass in Revit

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    Default Massing floors on a recreated mass in Revit

    I've been recreating the IAC building by Frank Gehry in New York on Revit. I began with a conceptual mass and I finished the model as a family. I then brought it into a project and wanted to mass floors.

    So I created all of my level lines in an elevation view and checked the boxes of all 11 floors after clicking "Mass Floors".
    However, in a wireframe view, or any view for that matter, the floors won't show and I am not able to create floors for my mass.

    Any suggestions on alternative ways to create floors on a mass?
    Is there something that I did or did not do in the family that could solve my problem?
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    Default Re: Massing floors on a recreated mass in Revit

    When I brought your mass family into a project and placed it, it gave me a warning: "The Mass contains geometry that cannot be combined. Mass Floors, volume, and surface area, won't be computed." Unfortunately, this warning is usually hard to diagnose in Revit. I exported the mass as an DWG (ACIS solid) and brought it into Rhino3D, just to see what I could see. Again, unfortunately, Rhino shows the two masses as closed volumes, nothing unusual.

    So I tried one mass at a time... it worked! I tried joining the two masses in the family and Revit didn't like that. I moved the upper mass east 1", so it wouldn't share the edges in the back and it joined. Brought it into the project and mass floors worked. I don't understand why the coincident edges make a difference, but they seem to. My guess is that the edges that look coincident in the back are ever-so-slightly different and it causes tolerance problems. They either have to be exactly the same or different enough.

    Nice massing technique, by the way. I'd love to see the "finished" model.

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