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Thread: Revit Lighting

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    Default Revit Lighting

    In Revit 2013 I am doing Rendering for the first time.I have checked ticked the Lighting boxes. The wall lights are obvious that they are on when you uncheck you see them on and off.The ceiling lights are more of a problem. Are there any good answers Please

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    The recessed ceiling fixture families that ship with Revit are a problem because the cone of illumination from the spot light lamps inside them does not hit the inside wall of the cylindrical lamp housing. Although the fixtures are indeed casting light onto the floor, they do not appear to be turned on in a rendering. I have found several good (i.e., non-Photoshop) solutions:
    1. Use Type Properties for each type of the fixture you are using to increase the Spot Field Angle from 90 degrees to 120 degrees or more, so that the cone of light hits the inside wall of the cylinder. Also, change the material of the fixture to something glossier and closer to white than the default material.
    2. In the Family Editor, move the light source farther UP into the fixture so that the cone does hit the cylinder wall.
    2. In the Family Editor, move the light source DOWN to just below the bottom of the housing (it is invisible), and just above it add a thin disk of self-illuminated white material that will appear as the glowing interior of the cylinder.

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