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Thread: Grille Visibility in Plan

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    Default Grille Visibility in Plan

    How do I get grilles on the bottom of an exposed duct to be displayed in a plan view? The ducts completely cover the the grilles so the grilles are hidden when MEP cuts the section. Similarly, I'd like to show hidden linework for ducts below other ducts. Any suggestions?


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    Default Re: Grille Visibility in Plan

    I'm not sure I understand the first part of the question. But - for the second part - You must have a setting off somewhere. Check your settings under options - MEP display control tab. Also make sure the ducts are at different elevations.

    Could also be a display manager thing - make sure your ducts in your display rep displays the display component coutours-hidden as M-hidn-std-high or something other than layer 0

    What version of Autocad are you using? With older versions (2005ish) I remember an issue where it didn't really work all the time and you had to run the move command and move everything 0". I used to have to do that every time before I printed.

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