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    Greetings Group...

    I have petitioned the forums administrators and been given permission to try to get a new programming forum off the ground.

    It is called Bridging the Gap.

    It is focusing on writing LISP extensions in primarily or C# but would also include ARX.

    Have you ever wanted a splash screen, multi select file dialog box or maybe a name and password dialog.

    These items are easy to write in .net and can be exposed to LISP to extend its power.

    Of course .net requires more maintenance that LISP and isn't as fast or easy to code...

    I have tried to get some discussions going here on the LISP list but putting code here is out of place and similarly LISP on the .net forum.

    If you have learning .net on your list of to do's... why don't you come and hang out and maybe ask some questions, or ask some wishes for LISP functionality and lets see if we can cook some code to do that.

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