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Thread: QA technique for families

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    Default QA technique for families

    I have the daunting task of going through recently completed projects to harvest families that can be added to our library. My proposed method is to startup an empty project and load all the familes used where I could review thme at various levels of detail and flex them to make sure thay don't break. I could then delete and purge out the **** and export the families out of the project. I am looking for a way that I can automatically load as many of the non hosted famileis into a view or series of views so I don't need to place the hundreds of familes one by one. I thought there may be an app for that but it doesn't seem to be very high on anyone's list. How do others QA large numbers of families in an efficient way?

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    Default Re: QA technique for families

    I don't think people do it. Period. It's quicker for a good Family maker to make a good family than to do QA on an existing one. I've been there myself. Typically the quality of families make on-the-fly is so poor that it will just create problems using them again. Better to have a small library of very well made families which can be further adapted than a big library of things that will work 90% of the time and then fail at the critical moment. Anyway, that's my opinion.

    PS. CTC has a free addin which will bulk load families into a project. Alas, it will not place them for you in the model. I have this on my list of projects for the Revit API when I hopefully get better at C#...

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