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Thread: Breakline (or anything else) to prevent triangles ?

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    Default Breakline (or anything else) to prevent triangles ?

    As you see in the link below
    there are some points that are seperated from a retaining wall (in the plan you can see the piles numbered). Issue is that i cannot prevent points from connecting with each other in order to make triangles. Used breaklines such as "wall" but seems it doesnt work. Also deleting triangle lines between them didnt no benefit either. Any help would be highly appreciated!
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    Default Re: Breakline (or anything else) to prevent triangles ?

    Are there points on the retaining wall(I can only see one)? If not, you need to create points on the wall at all vertical or horizontal breaks, and create a breakline along the wall. Depending if the wall is existing or designed, you will either have to input design data, get more field data, or fudge something.

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    Default Re: Breakline (or anything else) to prevent triangles ?

    I would create a feature line along the top of wall elevations. Then do an offset of that line a small amount so that the feature line does not intersect itself. Then adjust the elevations to match the bottom of wall elevations. Then add those feature lines as normal breaklines to your surface.
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