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Thread: Family to mark Existing Deficiencies

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    Default Family to mark Existing Deficiencies

    Hi there,
    We do a lot of work in existing buildings where we are asked to locate and describe deficiencies in a building. I'm trying to build a "marker" family of some sort that would be identifiable in plan and have several text fields tied to it (description cost, etc.) by instance that could then be scheduled on a sheet. I'm a bit miffed as to what family type to start with and how to place the data in it so that I can schedule it later. I've tried building a generic model family and adding these fields as parameters, but I am having trouble then following through with that by having them show up in a schedule.

    As I'm typing this, I guess what I'm really looking for is a beefier version of a generic keynote? Any thoughts?


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    Default Re: Family to mark Existing Deficiencies


    I'm not 100% sure if I understand your problem correctly. Do you want to have notes referring to generic models you are placing? Or notes referring to existing building elements?
    If you want to refer to existing building elements the best way to do it if you want to have multiple fields, is to use a tag.
    Create a new tag family(generic if you want to tag generic models or multi-category if there are any other elements involved).
    Create a label with the parameters that you want to see in the tag.
    As for scheduling, you'll need to create a generic model schedule (make sure that the phase is the same as the elements that you are scheduling) and select the same parameters you've tagged.
    The only problem with that is that you won't be able to easily schedule the tags by sheet.

    You could do it with keynotes, and assign a keynote value to each element. You can edit the keynote file and add the information you require in there. (for example "D001 description text..."
    However, this will limit you to keynote value and keynote text so you won't be able to group the values in the schedule by cost or any other specific value.
    But the advantage is that you can have a schedule showing only the keynotes visible on a particular sheet.

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